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Communicate via JSON/RPC


Use the standard Ethereum interface to securely communicate with your node via HTTPS or WebSockets.  Program an application with a web3 client library or leverage a developmental framework (e.g. Truffle) for simplified chain interaction.

Web3 Libraries & Example Transactions

Retrieve the latest block on your chain using one of six client side web3 libraries and understand the language specific syntaxes for basic authentication.  Send a basic private transaction using the Quorum client and an enumerated transaction manager private address.

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Nethereum C#
End-to-End Sample Program with Private Transaction Support

Truffle Developmental Framework

Truffle is the most popular development tooling for Ethereum programmers.  Easily deploy smart contracts and communicate with their underlying state without heavy client side programming.  An especially useful library for the testing and iteration of Ethereum smart contracts.

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Connecting with Truffle