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Enterprise App Gateway via Kafka


Use a simple REST interface to send lightweight payloads to the blockchain layer without complex client-side Ethereum programming.  Connect to a node’s webhook or talk directly over Kafka for reliable transaction delivery.  Use the Smart Contract API Generator to create a dynamic swagger console and downloadable specification for RESTful interaction with smart contract methods.  Use the Event Streams service to configure custom triggers and notifications around on-chain events to an external URL of your choice.

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Stream Transactions over Webhooks

Smart Contract Interfaces

The Smart Contract service generates an uploaded smart contract’s application binary interface and exposes a swagger file for RESTful interactions with all available smart contract methods.  Decentralized applications can be built against these endpoints using modern REST APIs without a mandate on client side Ethereum programming.

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Smart Contract API Generator

Event Streams

Use the Event Streams service to deliver customizable smart contract events to an external destination of your choice.  Integrate your consumed event payloads with existing processes to automate and trigger business responses.

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Configuring Event Streams