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Kaleido Kards

KaleidoKards is a lightweight application using React for frontend browser interaction and the web3 JavaScript library to format and send the blockchain-specific JSON RPC calls to the backend network. This project aims to serve as a template for developers seeking to craft their first decentralized application against an Ethereum network. The server side node code and the solidity smart contract contain extensive comments in an effort to add clarity to the various APIs and methods.

The KaleidoKards application manifested out of a recurring request to supply a sample DApp as an accompaniment to the platform experience. The use case is not complicated and we even have a fun animation video built into the app, so for the sake of brevity here’s a quick synopsis. You and your friend Joe have decided to use distributed ledger technology as a way to build out digital card collections and establish nonrepudiation over asset ownership. You each have 100 ether with which you can purchase cards from an online vendor. This act of purchasing is truly an invocation of the smart contract that accompanies the trading application. The card vendor owns the smart contract and, by extension, the ether that is sent to it. Once you’ve purchased cards, you have the ability to propose trades with Joe. Joe might accept or he might not. That’s it.