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Using the Command Line Exerciser

Kaleido provides a simple command line executable to run transactions against your permissioned chain:


Docs & Source (Golang):

For usage information:

./kaleido-go -h

You can use the exerciser to perform the following actions:

  • Deploy contracts
  • Exercise an already deployed contract
  • Send transactions, with arguments
  • Call contract methods
  • Send batches of transactions
  • Send unsigned transactions to be signed by an account on the node
  • Send signed transactions from random addresses with generated private keys

Example to deploy a contract and send a transaction

The below command uses the kaleido-go exerciser to send a single transaction, signing it internally on the node.

# The Chain ID shown on the environment
# The full Node URL including the application credentials
# Account existing on the node
# Run the command
./kaleido-go -d 2 \
  -f examples/simplestorage.sol \
  -m set -x 12345 \
  -i "$CHAIN_ID" \
  -u "$NODE_URL" \
  -a "$ACCOUNT"
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