Find answers and solutions for commonly seen errors and areas of confusion within our curated series of FAQ articles.

CORS request did not succeed

Kaleido has remedied the CORS request issue with "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" found in this doc.

Do I need to purchase cryptocurrency?

Learn why cryptocurrencies are unnecessary for private blockchain implementations.

How do I connect to a node?

Enable HTTP Basic Auth protection with Application Credentials in order to connect to your node.

How do I connect with MetaMask?

Learn how to connect to MetaMask with our quick guide.

How do I retrieve the genesis block for my chain?

Invoke the Genesis API to see environmental configuration data like block period, target gas limit and more.

How many nodes?

Learn how many nodes we recommend adding to your environment based on protocol choice.

Reconciling timestamps in Quorum-Raft

Quorum-IBFT and Geth-PoA use different units for timestamps, depending on environment type.

What are app creds and how do I use them?

App creds provide basic access authentication, protect external connections and much more.

Why am I getting "transaction out of gas" errors?

Here are some known causes and potential fixes for this common error.

Why does "unverified" appear next to my smart contract?

Learn how to verify your solidity smart and turn byte code into human readable source.

Why is my environment paused?

Your environment may pause for Starter plan subscribers in order to limit resource usage.

Why is my transaction queued?

Learn why your transactions' status is queued and how to change transaction state.

Why the Ether Pool?

Some use cases may desire the use of Ether in an environment, but it is not necessary to send transactions.