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Does Kaleido support nodes in public Ethereum chains?

Kaleido provides multiple options for utilizing public Ethereum chains. First, you can easily create networks using Polygon Edge. Second, you can use Hyperledger FireFly to connect to EVM compatible chains which includes public Ethereum chains.

Kaleido also provides the ability to create and manage permissioned blockchains. These are the main type of blockchains used by businesses, governments, and other institutions for decentralized business networks. These are separate from public blockchains. As a result, tokens or other types of digital assets launched in Kaleido based blockchain networks are not going to be part of the ecosystems based on public blockchains. Furthermore, cryptocurrency exchanges will typically not list tokens or digital assets running on networks managed by Kaleido.

Last, we also provide JSON RPC access to Ethereum mainnet and testnets. Contact us for more information about this.