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How do I connect to a node?

Connecting to a node in your Kaleido environment works just like connecting to a node in any other network. The only difference being that with Kaleido you must enable basic HTTP Basic Authentication protection for the nodes you own in an environment. The HTTP Basic Authentication username/secret pair is encapsulated by a Kaleido resource referred to as Application Credentials (app creds). App creds are provisioned against a membership ID and are confined to the environment within which they are created. For more information on the Kaleido authentication credentials, please refer to the Kaleido Resource Model.  To see basic API calls for RPC and Websockets, please refer to the Connect to your Node section.

The Kaleido team worked with several libraries before launch to ensure they support HTTP Basic Authentication. Working code examples in a variety of frameworks and languages can be found in the Kaleido-Examples Github Repository. Each example contains a straightforward README with prerequisites and instructions on running the sample program.