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What are app creds and how do I use them?

In the Kaleido object model, Memberships own Nodes and Application Credentials within an environment. The Application Credentials (app creds) are the security mechanism providing basic access authentication and protecting external connection(s) to nodes. App Creds can only be used with Nodes that fall under the same Membership and can only be used on a per-environment basis. Multiple sets of credentials can access the same node within an environment, however credentials CANNOT traverse environments. This restriction is enforced regardless of the membership attached to the node. Please refer to the Kaleido Resource Model for additional details on the relationship and limits of application credentials within the platform hierarchy.

App creds can be used with a variety of Ethereum-compatible frameworks, including but not limited to: web3.jsweb3.pywebjethers.js, and Nethereum. App Creds can also be used within other frameworks or procedures that facilitate JSON/RPC communication, as long as those methods support basic authentication.

You can read more about basic authentication credentials here.

To see some examples of how App Creds can be used, check out our examples repository for some sample programs in the various frameworks!

Here is a quick demonstration on how to generate App Credentials via the user interface: