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Why is my environment paused?

Kaleido pauses unused environments of Starter plan subscribers to limit resource usage to users actively using their networks. Environments under a Consortium owned by an Organization on the “Starter” plan receives an initial 1 week grace period, after which Kaleido pauses environments that commit no transactions to blocks for 72 hours.

Kaleido does not automatically pause any environments in Consortia owned by Organizations on a paid plan.

Note: If transactions are trapped in a node’s transaction pool queue, an environment will pause due to lack of transactions on the chain.

You can resume an environment in the Kaleido console by pressing the pause symbol next to the paused environment on the Consortium Dashboard. Alternatively, you can call the /environments API with {"state":"live"} in the body to start the environment. For example:

curl -X PATCH -d '{"state":"live"}' -H "$HDR_AUTH" -H "$HDR_CT" "$APIURL/consortia/{consortia_id}/environments/{environment_id}"

Please refer to the Understanding the Kaleido API for more details on the programmatic approach.