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Tenancy Overview

Network Layer

  • Cloud native load balancers – ELB (elastic load balancers) and NLB (network load balancers)
  • Serves a CA-signed and validated certificate for identity and validation
  • TLS secured allowing for connection over HTTPS
  • Default DDoS protection via the cloud native infrastructure services

Application Layer

  • Connections are ultimately targeting the node ingress
  • Nginx utilized for HTTPS calls
  • HA Proxy utilized for WebSocket calls
  • Application Credentials (strongly generated basic auth username password) combinations authenticate access to the ingress.
  • Kaleido does not store plaintext username secrets, rather a salted hash is kept and used for verification
  • Verified calls are granted access to the isolated virtual network encapsulating the blockchain layer

Environments and Nodes

  • Logical isolation per Kaleido network (environment)
  • Network policies are used to isolate multi-tenant virtual environments across a shared VM pool
  • Support for fully-dedicated VMs is available upon request to Kaleido
  • Nodes are able to peer and gossip securely within their isolated environment
  • Firewalls ensure no data leakage across isolated environments
  • Resources are confined solely to the environment in which they are created.  For example, application credentials in Environment A are unusable in Environment B
  • Option for secure integration with user-controlled native cloud services.  File system and key encryption, log streaming, file system backups and private connections.


  • Elastic File System instances are mounted on nodes to support on-demand scaling
  • The cloud native file systems come with default High Availability and Disaster Recovery safeguards built in
  • Dedicated directories of the elastic file systems are mounted and provisioned to each node ensuring data isolation in a shared virtual environment
  • KMS integrations can be used to further encrypt anything written or mounted in the filesystem