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Verify a Smart Contract

Smart Contracts

The Smart Contracts tab exposes the currently instantiated smart contracts within the environment.
Each contract is identified by its address (the targetable hex string) and the Contract Name, which defaults to the hash of the transaction that deployed the contract. Once a contracts source has been verified, the contract name can be updated to reflect a more intuitive representation of its purpose and the source code is visible to all participants in the environment.

Drill into the contract by clicking on the address hyperlink. Click on the Upload source code to verify link.

  • Contract Name: should match the name in the source code.
  • Compiler: it is important to select the compiler version used to create the original byte-code. The different Solidity compiler versions often produce different byte-code for the same source code so getting the version wrong may cause the contract verification to fail.
  • Source Code: copy and paste the contract’s source code into this text box.
  • Click the VALIDATE CODE button

After a contract has been successfully verified, the table view of the Smart Contracts tab will look something like the figure below. Click on the address of a verified smart contract to view the source code.