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Core Capabilities

At a high level the REST API Gateway delivers the following:

  • Convenient REST interface for communicating with Kaleido nodes and instantiated contracts
  • An abstraction of the JSON/RPC API allowing for payloads to be modeled as simple YAML or JSON
  • Kafka-backed messaging shim supporting guaranteed delivery and/or exact once deliver, as well as optimal transaction submission
  • Smart Contract compilation and instantiation without an Ethereum client library
  • Smart Contract invocations and queries without an Ethereum client library
  • Nonce management including support for horizontally scaled apps using the same signing account
  • ABI type mapping, solidity compilation, concurrency management, RLP encoding
  • Optimal throughput and accommodation for spikes and workload surges
  • Connections via node Webhooks or directly to Kafka
  • Smart Contract API generator and interactive Swagger console
  • Downloadable swagger specification for RESTful app development; simply upload a smart contract and the interface is served.  Can be leveraged for existing on-chain contracts
  • Invocation previews
  • Customizable event streams delivering defined smart contract parameters