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An abbreviation for hierarchical determinism, the Kaleido HD Wallet is a key tree that provides a deterministic derivation of Ethereum account addresses and their corresponding private signing keys from a single seed phrase. The overall HD wallet implementation is a byproduct of several Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIP), specifically BIP32 for the core cryptography and key generation, BIP39 for seed phrase and recovery, and BIP44 for multi-protocol account hierarchy. The seed phrase, a 12 word mnemonic, can be generated in one of two ways: either by the service via the BIP39 spec or submitted manually by the user as an “easy to remember hard to guess” expression. The seed phrase serves as the master root for the entire key tree, therefore strong entropy should be applied if manual submission is the desired course of action. HD wallets provide an elegant solution for both account management and identity masking, as the key tree can be deterministically regenerated from the master seed phrase and users can increment their account index on a per-transaction basis to anonymize identity via unique signing keys.

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