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Enterprise Tokens are the representation of real world or digital assets on the blockchain.  Capable of being modeled as fungible or non-fungible, tokens provide a vehicle for secure digital transactions without reliance on intermediaries and third party trust institutions.  By leveraging tokens, enterprises can create a trustworthy framework for asset tracking, settlement and custody, and streamline the activities around asset trading transactions.

Token Creation

Build your own token smart contract using the Kaleido Token Factory and understand the fundamental essentials underpinning token specifications, as well as the key differences between token models.

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Using the Token Factory
Token Models: Fungible vs. Non-Fungible
Features of Token Smart Contracts

Token Exchanges with Atomic Swaps

Tokens can be securely exchanged through the usage of Hashed Time Lock Contracts (HTLCs) that serve as digital escrow services.  These contracts abstract the need for a third party settlement broker and offer “atomicity” for the proposed bi-lateral exchange.  The security of these escrow smart contracts allow for any token owner to propose and execute token exchanges with other parties in the consortium with the peace of mine that under no circumstances would they lose their token due to malicious intent from their exchange counterparty.  This content will explore the constructs of an HTLC and walk through the Kaleido Swap Service.

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Using the Kaleido Swap Service
Atomic Swaps Explained
Anatomy of a Hashed Time Lock Contract (HTLC)

Token Explorer

Understand the entire token landscape within your environment.  Visualize smart contracts, balances, token owners, minters and transfer activities, etc…  The token explorer takes advantage of the organization information available in Kaleido and decorates the account addresses with human readable information.

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Using the Token Explorer