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December 13, 2018: Paid Subscriptions

As our users mature, so does Kaleido! Working closely with many of you as you move from prototype through to production, we’ve grown the platform to better support your entire journey.

One of your top requests was to launch “enterprise level” plans which offer a predictable pricing structure, premium features, and a commitment to reliability and access to production grade support. We are excited to share that as of November 27, 2018 you have the option to select from a set of new Subscription Plans which provide production provisioning, deployment of common components, and membership management of blockchain for your use case.

New capabilities available in Business and Enterprise plans:

  • Larger nodes with higher transaction limits
  • Paid 24/7 production support from a dedicated team
  • Advanced Network Governance Policies for speeding member onboarding and customizing participation levels within the network
  • Premium enterprise grade features such as snapshot backups and integration with your corporate user directory
  • …and more

A brief summary of our plans (detailed information HERE<todo>)

Starter Completely free with no time limits.
Team Expanded services and features for PoC’s and more
Business 24×7 support available. Ideal for participant members in a consortium network.
Enterprise Enterprise features and 24×7 support available. Ideal for active members in a consortium network.

We are committed to maintaining a no cost Starter Plan to enable exploration and prototyping. With the introduction of the new plans being released, we are closing our Beta plan. To help transition, you will be able to continue to access and use your existing resources through March 2019.  Please see the Upgrade from Beta article for guidance on moving to a free or paid Subscription Plan.

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