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Releases: Blockchain Protocol & Full-stack Services

These updates:

  • Upgrade the protocol and service components
  • Available as a rolling update which does not interrupt the environment where possible
  • Optionally applied by a user

Scheduling Maintenance

Kaleido puts you in control of when you apply upgrades to your Blockchain runtime, as well as the full-stack Kaleido and 3rd Party services in your environments.

  • We test a set of versions together and package them into a “Release”
  • We ship new releases regularly
  • You can upgrade to the latest release at any time
  • We use a rolling upgrade across the chain wherever possible to minimize downtime
  • You can stage upgrades through your Kaleido environments (such as if you have Dev, Staging etc.)

We do require you to stay current on maintenance to ensure we fully test migration combinations, and that we are able to roll out key infrastructure changes.

For this reason we schedule baseline upgrades every few months to move everybody forwards to a minimum level of maintenance. Customers who have not applied maintenance recently will be upgraded automatically to the new baseline after a notification period of at least one month.

Check for a banner in the UI when a new baseline is coming up, so you can schedule the upgrade.

SaaS Platform Updates

These updates:

  • Upgrade the Management UI and APIs for creation of user-controlled cloud resources such as Blockchains, and other decentralized infrastructure components.
  • Automatically applied

Kaleido is a continuous delivery as-a-service platform, and we push updates regularly through a pipeline of 1000s of tests, multiple test environments, and into production.

Release Version History

Version 1.0.11

  • Release Date: May 15 2019
  • Quorum version: 2.2.3 (inc. Geth/v1.8.18-stable-56a0e662)
  • Constellation
  • Tessera: tessera-0.8.pr688-only
  • Pantheon: v1.1.1-dev-81c9a42b/linux-x86_64/adoptopenjdk-java-11
  • Geth version: Geth/v1.8.27-stable/linux-amd64/go1.11.9
  • Chainlink version: 0.5.2
  • New:
    • Pantheon provider with IBFT/POA consensus algorithm
    • Replaced Constellation Transaction manager with Tessera
      • Upgrade migration of private transaction database from Constellation to Tessera
    • Strict TLS trust mode with Kaleido Environment CA signed certificates
    • Append timestamp to backup file
    • Services:
      • Token Factory
      • Token Swap
      • App2App (Messaging)
      • EthWallet
  • Fixes:
    • Backup timeouts; change to asynchronous call

Version 1.0.10

Version 1.0.9

  • Release Date: March 15 2019
  • New: Upgrade adds new services and features to existing environments
  • Fix: Connection stability enhancements to constellation
    • Modified the trust settings for TLS certificates. In previous releases Constellation was configured to associate certificate X509 fingerprints to remote peer IP addresses. IP address of pods can change due to HA failover scenarios and multi-region deployments. As such, comparing certificates against stored trust-on-first-use (TOFU) copies results in failed connections when certificate/IP pairings change after an automatic HA restart.
    • TLS transport encryption remains in-place. Payloads are encrypted in addition to transport layer TLS security, and the private IP networks within Kaleido are firewall isolated.

Version 1.0.8

  • Release Date: March 8 2019
  • Fix:  Enhanced stability for long-running deployments and across lifecycle states

Version 1.0.7

  • Release Date: Feb 21 2019
  • Fix: Minimize usage of file descriptors to avoid node exhausting resources during full sync

Version 1.0.6

  • Date Released: Feb 6 2019
  • Improve: Block Explorer only processes complete transactions
  • Improve: Block Explorer indexing
  • Fix: Block Explorer hangs on pending transactions

Version 1.0.5

  • Date Released: Jan 31 2019
  • Improve: Ledger API performance

Version 1.0.4

  • Date Released: Jan 21 2109
  • Improve: Public Ethereum Tether
  • Improve: Block Explorer

Version 1.0.3

Version 1.0.2

  • Date released: Jan 13 2019
  • New: Chainlink nodes form a single oracle network per blockchain
  • Fix: Node restart file verification

SaaS Platform Update History

May 15 2019

  • New:
    • Tokens: Factory, Swaps, Explorer, Asset Registry
    • Pantheon
    • Login experience
    • Blockchain Firewall with signing support
    • Node health dashboard
    • API Gateway
    • Event Streams
    • Eth Wallet
    • Addressbook
    • App2App Messenger
    • Trufflebox
    • Rhombus
    • Chainlink

Apr 1 2019

  • Release Version v1.0.10 delivered
  • Fixes:
    • Unable to re-enter corrected Credit Card details after inputting incorrect details
    • Some linked AWS accounts were under-charged, due to a problem steaming hourly billing data to the AWS Marketplace billing service.
      • No retroactive billing for used services will occur.

Mar 29 2109

  • Fixes:
    • Error resuming environments with the Public Ethereum Tether service deployed

Mar 27 2019

  • New:
    • New billing provider: Credit Card, powered by Stripe
    • New API route to query the genesis configuration of an environment:
      • New: GET /api/v1/c/:consortium_id/e/:env_id/genesis
    • New API options on environment creation, to add additional accounts to be funded at the gensis of the chain (the alloc section of the genesis block)
      • Updated: POST /api/v1/c/:consortium_id/e/:env_id
      • “prefunded_accounts”: { “d785b4783eaa32535781a5e07a864d13e4275714”: { “balance”: “1234567890000000” } }
  • Fixes:
    • Incorrect pause of some inactive environments at Team plan or higher
    • Timing related errors observed in some environments establishing PKI identities for memberships, and viewing services

Mar 21 2019

  • New:
    • UI banner announcing upcoming rollout of 1.0.8 baseline maintenance on 19th April (only applicable to customers who have not yet applied 1.0.8 or newer)
  • Fixes:
    • Environment upgrade failed in some multi-region environments
    • On-chain Registry UI failed to load when accessed from a region other than the one hosting the metadata for the environment

Mar 19 2019

  • New:
    • Enable Kaleido ops to apply a specific release to a customer environment

Mar 15 2019

  • Release Version v1.0.9 delivered
  • New: Multi-region environments
  • New: Kaleido managed self-signed PKI identity for membership
  • New: On-chain Registry
  • New: UX resdesign
  • New: Smart Contract versions
  • New: 0.3.0 CLI and SDK updates
    • Note: Use 0.2.0 for users with on-chain registry prior to Mar 15
  • Fix: Mark Azure Portal/Marketplace registration as complete after first login
  • Fix: Default membership on a new consortium matchs the org name
  • Fix: deployment of Rhombus and integration
  • Fix: Display node after creation in Console

Mar 12

  • New: Azure Cloud Support
  • Fix: Block explorer contract verification file upload
  • Fix: Constellation logs

Mar 8

  • Release Version v1.0.8 delivered
  • New: Multi-region Consortia
  • New: Multi-region Environments (API only)
  • New: API Consortia and Environment deployment zone configuration
  • New: Marketplace Integration Rhombus
  • New: Marketplace Openlaw version update
  • Fix: Block Explorer transaction details

Feb 22

  • New: Marketplace Integration Unchain
  • New: Marketplace Integration Clause

Feb 21

  • Release Version v1.0.7 delivered
  • New: Regen secret of app credentials

Feb 7

Protocol and Services:

  • Fix: Node size tooltip
  • Fix: Navigating between tabs in node status panel

Feb 6

  • Release Version v1.0.6 delivered

Jan 31

  • Release Version v1.0.5 delivered
  • New: Added Clause Integration
  • New: Kaleido Connect interactive mode
  • New: Public Ethereum Tether dashboard
  • New: Block Explorer 2.0 : UX and performance enhancements, enhanced smart contract verification
  • New: Node Logs available from the node info view and the service dashboard view
  • Improve: Service Dashboards no longer open in a new tab
  • Improve: Public Ethereum Tether promoted to full marketplace service
  • Improve: Audit log of consortium level actions taken
  • Improve: Application Credentials UX

Jan 21

Control Plane:

  • Improve: Environment creation advice on minimum environment sizes
  • Fix: Block Explorer stalled indexing for some old environments after upgrading environment
  • Fix: Public Ethereum Tether dashboard cleanup
  • Fix: “Introduce Yourself” after consortia creation

Jan 20

  • Release V1.0.4 delivered
  • New: Public Ethereum Tether
  • New: Prevent deletion of service with the private key of Main-net Ethereum account

Jan 13

Control Plane:

  • Release V1.0.2 delivered
  • New: Audit log includes API key events
  • Fixed: Display console after accepting invitation
  • Improved: Transaction activity detection for automatic environment pausing
  • Improved: Contact form
  • Improved: Remove whitespace on account addresses

Dec 12

Control Plane:

  • New: Billing management updates for negotiated enterprise contracts

Dec 11

Control Plane:

  • New: manual migration of configurations (S3 backup / KMS) on existing nodes
  • Fix: license acceptance
  • Fix: creation of non-signer nodes in environments with initial signer permissioning enabled
  • Fix: Trim spaces on funding account entry
  • Fix: UI to delete failed services
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