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How do I get more nodes?

All Kaleido organizations to date come with a default plan that grants the following limits:

Resource ID Parent Limitation
Consortia Organization 2
Users Organization 100
Memberships Consortium 4
Environments Consortium 3
Nodes Environment 4
Authorization Credentials Environment 10

The table indicates that each Parent resource can own at most “X” Resources. For example, Organizations can only have two Consortia.

Resource limitation increases may be requested by clicking the light blue Give Feedback button in the lower right hand corner of the Kaleido Dashboard. For the Purpose select “Request a limit increase”. We recommend providing the following details:

  1. The particular resource limits to increase and your requested value(s).
  2. The purpose of your organization and the reason an increase is required.
    • Limit increases are typically only provided to active business or academic use cases.

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