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Upgrade from Beta

Thank you for trying out Kaleido during our Beta period. With the introduction of our Subscription Plans, we encourage you to select the plan which is right for you.

Kaleido will disable all accounts still on the Beta Subscription at the end of March 2019.

For most users, the upgrade process is a simple selection from our new offerings from the Upgrade menu on your Subscription Page.

After selection of a Subscription Plan, Kaleido does not bill for environment nodes created under your Beta Subscription, but all other fees apply per the Plan selected.

The Beta provided some limits which are higher than the Starter Plan, which may prevent selection of the Starter or Team Subscription Plans. If your organization exceeds the limits of the selected Subscription Plan, Kaleido will present an error.

There are two common limitation errors when upgrading from Beta to Starter or Team Subscription Plans:

  • Starter and Team Subscription Plans limits restrict all consortia to a single organization. Business and Enterprise Subscription plans are required if other organizations manage nodes in your consortium.
  • Starter Subscription Plan limits restricts the account to a single consortium with a single environment

Please contact us if wish to continue using features from the Beta Subscription, but are not ready to purchase a Business or Enterprise Subscription Plan.

The following is a table of the limits allowed for each Subscription Plan:

Plan # Consortia # Environments Node Sizes Log Streaming Backup Key Management PrivateLink OpenLaw
Starter 1 1 S x
Team Unlimited Unlimited S x
Business Unlimited Unlimited S, M, L x x
Enterprise Unlimited Unlimited S, M, L x x x x
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