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Accounts & Pricing


An account is the parent resource used to manage your organizational identity, shared administrators, consortia collaborators, uploaded certificates, administrative bearer tokens, current plan instance and billing orchestration.  These are super user actions not related to the application layer and should be handled by the system administrator or network operator for the organization.

Understanding Accounts

Your account contains information about your asserted organizational identity and can be dynamically updated by an organizational admin with access to the Kaleido console.  The documents in this section outline the necessary processes for generating an account and extending shared administration privileges at either the consortia and/or organizational levels.

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Managing your Account
Inviting Members to your Kaleido Organization

Configuring Plans & Billing

Kaleido offers various plans for the specific needs of your organization and consortia.  Plans govern access to Kaleido resources, available configurations and enforceable permissions, and impose varying levels of resource limitations.  Each plan, with the exception of the perpetually free Starter tier, has accompanying hourly costs for node and service runtimes.

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Pricing & Plans
Setting up your Billing Provider
Managing your Plan
Delegating Login to an Enterprise User Registry

Linking Cloud Providers

Kaleido supports resource deployment on both AWS and Microsoft Azure, offering business and software continuity with existing systems and cloud suites.  A Kaleido account can be linked with an existing organizational cloud account for seamless billing consistency and a unified view of runtime consumption.  The following documents outline the necessary steps to link from either provider.

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