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Pricing & Plans

Kaleido offers four subscription plans to match the needs of a project from concept to production:  Starter, Team, Business and Enterprise.  Plans govern access to resources and actions within both the consortia and blockchain layers. For specific information on pricing, please refer to the Kaleido Pricing site.


Play around or build a PoC on top of various blockchain solutions and the services available in the Kaleido Marketplace. The free Starter Subscription plan demonstrates Kaleido commitment to accessibility to production grade blockchain environments for projects in the concept stage.

The following limits allow us to offer this service for free:

  • 1 centralized consortium
  • 1 single region environment
  • 5 small nodes
  • 2 Marketplace services
  • Limited node features
  • Automatically paused


The Team subscription plan lifts the limits on consortia, nodes, and marketplace services for concept level projects which require more resources or build on top of additional marketplace services. With unlimited environments, a consortium can have individual environments for Development, QA, Production and scale the node count to model larger consortium membership.


The Business subscription plan unlocks the features of Kaleido which provide the confidence to bring an application into production including:

  • Decentralized Consortia Membership
  • Higher transaction and API limits with Medium and Large Nodes
  • Monitoring via Log Streaming
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery with Node Backups
  • Support SLA with 24h escalation (optional)


The Enterprise Subscription plan provides access to features to meet policy and regulatory requirements of larger business or regulated industries including:

  • Private Key control with KMS
  • Protected communication with PrivateLink
  • Access Control with User Pools


Kaleido Resource Model & Resource Limitations