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Managing your Node

From the environment home page use the dropdown window next to your node to perform basic management actions.  The options are:

  • View Node Details – see node specific information around accounts, IDs, role, etc.
  • View Logs – view protocol specific logs for the node
  • Delete Node – Remove the node from the environment
  • Connect – open the Kaleido Connect panel for JSON/RPC or REST Gateway connections
  • Copy RPC Endpoint – RPC endpoint without application credentials
  • Copy WSS Endpoint – WebSocket endpoint without application credentials
  • Rename – Change the node’s identifying string


To interactively manage a node, use the Ethereum Javascript Console to directly attach.  This can be done with a geth attach command.  For example:

geth attach https://username:password@rpcURL

From here you have access to the full library of web3.js APIs including the personal class.  Use this module to create and unlock accounts.  For example:


Refer to the formal Web3.js API Documentation for more information on the available APIs and required parameters.