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Configuring your Deployment Regions and Protocol

The first action upon creating an environment is to configure the deployment scheme.  The deployment scheme for environments is either single region or hybrid multi-region.   A single region deployment means that resources (nodes, services, etc.) can only be created in the enumerated cloud provider and its underlying region.  A hybrid deployment model will allow for resources to be created in any of the consortia’s whitelisted clouds and regions.

Regions can be whitelisted by returning to the consortia home screen and using the + ADD dropdown in the top right corner of the console.  If your current plan does not support multi-region, you can upgrade by visiting the “Subscription” tab within your Account Management portal.  This is accessible by clicking the ACCOUNT tab in the top right portion of any console screen.

Protocol & Consensus Algorithm

The second piece of environmental configuration is to choose a node client and underlying consensus algorithm.  Kaleido supports three node clients – Geth, Quorum and Pantheon – and their supported consensus algorithms, allowing for the construction of bespoke blockchain networks.

  • Geth is the hardened Go implementation of the core Ethereum node.  Compatible with clique PoA consensus.
  • Quorum is a fork of Geth offering support for private transactions through its “constellation” module.  Compatible with Raft and IBFT consensus.
  • Pantheon is a java-based client designed around modularity and enterprise requirements.  Compatible with clique PoA and IBFT.

For a deeper dive into the supported consensus algorithms, refer to the following blog post.