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The Business Network


A “consortia” is a business network comprised of a group of organizations and/or multiple members who have a shared business goal.  A centralized consortia is owned and governed by a single entity, whereas a decentralized consortia has shared ownership across a group of stakeholders.  All operations at this tier are off-chain, and include:  cloud + region whitelisting, membership creation, certificate management, governance, and network auditing.

Clouds & Regions

A consortia can be configured to whitelist one or more regions across the two available cloud providers – AWS and Azure.  Resources (nodes and services) can be created and deployed on any of the consortia’s whitelisted cloud regions and easily integrated with existing cloud suites and application stacks.

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Configuring your Consortia

Memberships & Identity

A membership is an organization’s representation within a consortia and serves as the parent resource for deployed nodes and services.  Memberships are in effect an “asserted identity” and can be underpinned with digital certificates for trustworthy and authoritative identification.  An organization can have one or more memberships, whether for delineation of inter-organizational departments or for the proxied management of resources on behalf of fellow organizations.

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Memberships Explained
The Importance of Enterprise Identity
Confirming your Identity
Obtaining a Kaleido-Compliant x509 Certificate


A core tenet of blockchain is the independent ownership of network resources and shared participation in the configured consensus algorithm.  However, when operating within the scope of a consortia, there needs to be additional enforceable permissions beyond the ability to stand up resources.  Business networks are diverse and it’s atypical for every stakeholder to exist on equal footing.  As such, governance schemes and access control become critical features when on-boarding external organizations to a consortia.

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On-boarding an External Organization
Governance Through Inherited Permissions