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Configuring your Consortia

A consortia can be built across a single cloud provider, across multiple regions within a single cloud provider or across multiple cloud providers and a selection of underlying regions.  When creating a consortia you are tasked with supplying the following pieces of configuration:

  • Name – Identity of the consortia
  • Mission – Optional prose or legalese describing business purpose, bylaws, objectives, etc…
  • Home Region – Cloud provider and underlying region where consortia metadata (e.g. memberships) is to be stored.  The available cloud providers are AWS and Microsoft Azure.

The Home Region becomes a whitelisted deployment zone and is inherited as an available deployment region when creating an environment.  You can proceed to whitelist additional deployment regions in the same cloud provider or activate the alternate cloud provider and any of its underlying regions to support hybrid deployment schemes.  Whitelisting regions can be done during consortia creation or after the fact by any organization administrator in the consortia.

If you wish to whitelist regions and cloud providers post consortia creation:

  • Navigate to your Consortia home panel and click the + ADD dropdown
  • Select New Region
  • Choose your desired regions