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On-boarding an External Organization

Decentralize ownership of your consortia by on-boarding an external organization.  The founder of the consortia can accomplish this by issuing an invitation with embedded access control permissions.  Any on-boarded organization will be in sole control of their resources, services and security credentials, and will possess any ascribed permissions.  To onboard an external org follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to you consortia home page.
  • Click the + ADD dropdown in the top right of the screen.
  • A panel will appear describing the architectural transition of your consortia from centralized to decentralized.  Click Next
  • Enter the Member Name of the external org and supply an admin email address.
  • Click Next: Set Permissions

The next article, Governance Through Inherited Permissions, explains the different permissions and outlines the ramifications of extending an invitation with one or more permissions applied.