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Generating an Enterprise Organization in the Kaleido Console

A quick demonstration showing the creation of an Enterprise Organization through the Kaleido UI. This process is dependent on the AWS Cognito resources outlined in the previous video: User Pool, Cognito domain and application client.


  1. Log into your Kaleido Organization and click the Settings tab at the top right portion of the screen. Click the Organizational Settingstab and click the + New Enterprise Org button.
  2. Supply an “Organization Name” for your Enterprise Org.
  3. Enter your “Amazon Cognito Domain” without the https://prefix.
  4. Enter your Cognito User Pool ID. You can retrieve this value by clicking the General Settings tab in the lefthand navigation panel within your Cognito User Pool.
  5. Enter the AWS region for your User Pool. This value is the prefix of the User Pool ID. For example, us-east-2
  6. Enter the Application Client ID and Secret from your User Pool. These values can be retrieved by clicking the App clients tab in the lefthand navigation panel within your targeted Cognito User Pool.
  7. Click the Create button at the bottom of the screen once you have populated all of the mandatory fields.
  8. Take note of the Callback URL for your Enterprise Org. This value will be used in the next video and allows the application client to resolve with Kaleido.
  9. Lastly, click the Add dropdown and select Organization Member. Input an email address that will map to your Cognito Identity Provider.

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