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Regional API Endpoints

Each Kaleido region has a separate administration API endpoint. When dealing with blockchain specific resources such as nodes, services or application credentials, you must specify the consortium's home region as the base API endpoint. If you are dealing directly with your organization for account management administration (e.g. deleting API Keys), you must specify the home region for your organization.

Consortium Endpoints

Use these for DevOps activities such as environmental and node creation.

  • AWS US East Ohio:
  • AWS EU Central Frankfurt:
  • AWS Asia Pacific SE Sydney:
  • AWS Asia Pacific NE Seoul:
  • Azure US West Washington:
  • Azure EU Central France:

The regions are displayed on the HOME panel and designated with a corresponding country flag.

Home Regions

Note that AWS US East and Azure US West will both display an American flag. Inspect the consortia ID if there is confusion as to which is the correct region. AWS will have an ID prefaced with u0 and Azure will have an ID prefaced with u1.

Organization Endpoints

Use these for organizational administration such as API Key cycling.

  • AWS USA:
  • AWS Europe:
  • AWS Sydney:
  • AWS Seoul:
  • Azure USA:
  • Azure Europe:

To ascertain your organizational home region click ACCOUNT -> ORG SETTINGS -> YOUR_ORG_NAME.

Home Regions

Your organization has an accompanying ID. Use the first two characters to identify your organizational home region.

  • AWS USA: u0
  • AWS Europe: e0
  • AWS Sydney: a0
  • AWS Seoul: k0
  • Azure USA: u1
  • Azure Europe: e1