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Protocol & Full-stack Services

Stay in control and up to date

Kaleido puts you in control of when you apply upgrades to your Blockchain runtime, as well as the full-stack Kaleido and 3rd Party services in your environments.

  • We test a set of versions together and package them into a "Release"
  • We ship new releases regularly
  • You can upgrade to the latest release at any time
  • We use a rolling upgrade across the chain wherever possible to minimize downtime
  • Stage your upgrades through your Kaleido environments (such as if you have Dev, Staging etc.)

We do require you to stay current on maintenance to ensure we fully test migration combinations, ensure we are able to roll out key infrastructure changes.

For this reason we schedule baseline upgrades every few months to move everybody forwards to a common baseline. Customers who have not applied maintenance recently will be upgraded automatically to the new baseline after a notification period of at least one month via our status page and notifications in the UI.

Rolling upgrades

When you initiate an upgrade via the console, or via API, we update each node and service in the environment automatically.

For the blockchain nodes we do this one-by-one, restarting each node in turn to avoid downtime of the network overall.

The upgrade restart is similar to our standard high-availability failover capabilities, and takes approximately 2 minutes per node or service.

Release notes

We publish release notes for every release version, so you can see the version updates to the protocol components and full-stack services, as well as a list of any issues fixed as part of the maintenance.