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Decentralization Model

Business Network Technology Stack

  • Simplified email-based member on-boarding with configurable permissions.
  • Operate as a centralized consortium with a single organization owning and operating network resources, or as decentralized with shared ownership across multiple entities.
  • Organizations with different tiered subscriptions can coexist in the same consortium.
  • Member services are protected with basic authentication credentials and controlled unilaterally by an owning member. These include REST Gateway resources, HD wallets, IPFS nodes and more.
  • A consortium can host multiple blockchain networks (i.e. environments) with firewall isolation and environment-specific resources.  No cross chatter or data leakage.
  • Private transaction support via Quorum and Hyperledger Besu clients with private state information residing in a separate Patricia state trie.  Non-privy participants will be unable to decrypt transaction payload for execution.
  • Support for app to app messaging with asymmetrically encrypted payloads sent through Kaleido backbone; outbound messages are encrypted with counterpart's digital certificate
  • Nodes, services and security credentials confined solely to their environment.
  • Optional node and service integrations available with native cloud services such as Key Management Stores and Backup utilities.
  • Organizational identities backed by digital certificates woven into chain layer with Registry Service.
  • Block explorer supports granular inspection of transactions, blocks and smart contracts, with source code verification supported.