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Blockchain Essentials

Blockchain is a shared ledger technology that leverages cryptographic techniques and voting-based consensus algorithms to deliver greater degrees of trust, transparency, speed and security across disparate stakeholders in modern business networks.  The technology itself is applicable across all industry verticals (healthcare, capital markets, energy, etc…) and has the potential to radically transform countless embedded transactional and data sharing processes.  Amongst other topics, this section will explore enterprise use cases and dig deeper into the core constructs of permission-based Ethereum blockchain implementations.

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Why Blockchain?
Blockchain Use Cases & Potential
Public vs Private Chains
Permission-based Consensus Algorithms
Ethereum Core Concepts
Ethereum Key Terms

Node Clients

Kaleido provides three node clients for the customization of your private blockchain:  Geth, Quorum and Pantheon.  Each client contains different protocol functionality (e.g. private transaction support) and configurable consensus implementations, allowing for individual networks to be built in accordance with consortia-level performance and privacy requirements.

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Mechanics of a Private Transaction in Quorum