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What Is Full-Stack Blockchain?

Full-stack Enterprise Blockchain for the Modern Business Network

Enterprise Decentralized applications (DApps) have a fundamentally different architecture and design to traditional applications. With the shared ledger of Blockchain at their core, they communicate on-chain and off-chain between multiple participants to orchestrate end-to-end business transactions, and capture some data as immutable proofs.

They build on core Blockchain programming constructs like 'tokens' to link assets and data from external systems to a unique 'hashes' on chain. Actions and data are pinned to organizational identities, sometimes masked for privacy, which can be traced back to real business entities permissioned into the Business network.

The Kaleido B2B application stack is built from experience of taking modern business networks into production, giving the full suite of tools Enterprises need to realize the potential of Blockchain for their usecase.