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Kaleido Go

The kaleido-go project is an open source command-line exerciser for Ethereum blockchains.

  • Compile and deploy a contract
  • Invoke/call a method on a newly installed contract, or an existing contract
  • Estimate gas for a method call
  • Node based or external signing support
  • Long-running workers to submit regular "tracer" transactions to a chain
  • Sends stats to statsd / influxdb - get a Grafana dashboard showing errors, mining times etc.
  • ... and much more

We use it extensively inside of Kaleido as one of the quickest and easiest ways to exercise a chain, and check on its health.

You can download a binary version for your platform with no dependencies and be up and running sending transactions to your chain really quickly.

Or if you're familiar with the Go ecosystem, you can just do:

go get github.com/kaleido-io/kaleido-go

Check it out on Github