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Each environment contains:

  • A firewall isolated network within which all resources run
  • A permissioned blockchain, with its own genesis configuration
  • The full-stack of services that make up your decentralized solution

Multi-region, multi-cloud environments

Environment Regions

The deployment scheme for environments is either single-region or multi-region. A single-region deployment means that resources (nodes, services, etc.) are all created in a single region and cloud. A multi-region deployment model will allow for resources to be created in any of the consortia’s whitelisted clouds and regions.

  • If your current plan does not support multi-region, you can upgrade by visiting the “Subscription” tab within your Account Management portal
  • Regions must be whitelisted into a consortium before being available in the environments of that consortium

Configuring the Blockchain

The second piece of environment configuration is to choose the blockchain protocol options, including the client and underlying consensus algorithm.

Learn more about protocol providers and consensus algorithms

Pausing an Environment

Environments can be manually paused by clicking the ... icon on an environment's row to reveal a drop-down menu, then selecting Pause Environment. The environment's status will temporarily show Pause pending before changing to Paused.

Environment Status

If you did not make a request to pause your environment and are wondering how it might have reached that state, please read this FAQ article.

Resuming a Paused Environment

To wake an environment that is in the Paused state, click the ... icon to reveal the drop-down menu and choose Wake environment. The environment's status will temporarily change to Resume pending before transitioning to Live.

Upgrading an Environment

Your environment is eligible for an upgrade to a newer release if you see an orange circular icon with a white up-arrow next to your RELEASE VERSION when viewing the environment web-page. Click on the orange/white arrow icon and follow the pop-up instructions to complete an upgrade to the latest release.

Environment Upgrade

To perform a hard fork upgrade of your environment so that your chain is configured with any newly available EIPs, refer to the steps here.