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Managing your Subscription

Access the Dashboard

  • Click the User Icon in the bottom lefthand portion of the Kaleido console
  • Click "Manage Orgs"
  • Click "Manage"
  • In the lefthand navigation, expand the "Subscription and Billing" tab

Manage Org Dashboard

Changing your Subscription

  • Click the "Subscription" tab beneath the "Subscription and Billing" section
  • The Subscription screen will show the details of your current plan, along with the enforced resource and service limits
  • Use the "Change Plan" button in the upper right portion of the screen to upgrade or downgrade your current plan level

Subscription Change Plan

  • Select the desired plan
  • Choose a support level and click NEXT
  • Click CHANGE PLAN to finalize your upgrade/downgrade

Subscription Finalize Change

Billing Forecast & Usage

  • Click the "Billing Forecast & Usage" tab beneath the "Subscription and Billing" section
  • The dashboard will show your current usage and any accrued charges for billable resource consumption
  • Expand any section to see an itemized listing of applicable fees (nodes, services, storage, memberships and support)

Expand Resource Sections

  • Scroll to the bottom of the dashboard to see a forecast of your monthly total based on current usage patterns

Billing Forecast