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What is Kaleido?

Kaleido is a full stack SaaS platform that’s hybrid enabled and designed to simplify the process of building consortia and deploying private blockchain networks. The service provides a “permissioned” implementation of the Ethereum protocol, whereby member participants operate with authenticated identities backed by digital certificate chains. The trust and transparency delivered by the Kaleido platform allows for the finality and speed of transactions to be maximized through the use of efficient consensus algorithms otherwise unavailable in public/anonymous chains. Environments can be configured to run against one of three consensus algorithms – Proof of Authority, Raft or Istanbul BFT – and both public and private transactions are supportable by means of the Quorum client and its corresponding Tessera module. This protocol and transaction class flexibility is especially powerful for enterprise orchestrations, where oftentimes not all participants are entirely trusted and certain pieces of data must be obscured from the overall network.

Users have the option of deploying blockchain resources in AWS, Azure or on-premise, thereby maintaining business continuity with their hardened business processes and existing IT estates. Native cloud resources, such as key management services and log streaming can be woven into the blockchain runtime for heightened control and extended functionality.

The Kaleido Marketplace exposes a library of powerful ancillary chain layer services, B2B connectors and 3rd party solution accelerators, and offers unified access to the critical building blocks that encompass an enterprise production-caliber solution. Examples of marketplace services include integration gateways to legacy systems, app to app messaging pipes, off-chain file storage, customizable oracles and more.