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Resource Limits

The following table outlines the current resource thresholds across a Kaleido organization based on the selected plan. Nodes and services are billed at runtime, and with the exception of the Starter Plan, are only governed due to protocol/performance restrictions. The limitations of configurations and app credentials are stipulated per org/per environment.

Starter Team Business Enterprise
Number of Consortia 1 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Orgs/Consortia 1 1 unlimited unlimited
Environments/Consortia 1 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Nodes/Environment 2 Raft: 30 nodes * PoA: 100 nodes (30 signers) * IBFT: 100 nodes (16 signers)
Block Signers Monitor node only* Unlimited Unlimited + governance
Services/Environment 2 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Memberships/Consortia unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Configurations & Keys 10 & 5 25 & 25 50 & 50 100 & 100

* limiting starter environments to a single block signing node in consensus algorithms like IBFT and PoA prevents the possibility of forks or stalls, which are possible when operating under the minimum fault-tolerant threshold for the consensus algorithm. See How many nodes? for more info.

Node Size Resource Limits

The following table serves to outline the available resource limitations based on the provisioned node's size. Refer to the Kaleido Pricing page for detailed information on plans and available node sizes.

Starter Small Medium Large
Memory 1 GB 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB
vCPU 0.5 0.5 1 2
Concurrent Connections 5 5 10 50
Requests per Second 5 5 100 1000

See additional resource limitation for App2App Messaging, Document Storage, IPFS, and HD Wallets on the respective specific pages