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Receipt Store

The REST API Gateway contains a built-in reliable store for your receipts, once the come back from the node.

Obtaining a receipt

The id from this request can then be used to query the receipt store we provide:

  • /replies?limit=10 returns the last 10 replies received
  • /replies/4696c9f7-2163-4237-7b58-0884fff5fbaf returns the individual receipt

If the request is still queued for delivery to the node, you will receive:

{"error":"Receipt not available"}

Once the transaction is mined, you will receive either a TransactionSuccess or TransactionFailure

Example of an async success receipt

  "_id": "8b64ba81-091f-48fc-4064-16ac2aa9a1f8",
  "headers": {
    "type": "TransactionSuccess",
    "id": "3252c08d-2773-4308-6ce1-3ffd2579042b",
    "requestId": "8b64ba81-091f-48fc-4064-16ac2aa9a1f8",
    "requestOffset": "u0j6rld2ka-u0uk478rin-requests:0:4",
    "timeElapsed": 3.736754245,
    "timeReceived": "2019-10-05T18:17:21.023227703Z"
  "blockHash": "0x0262dd112045eaa3cd57c9e8bd4208857148a549f198bd2a7d4062832a2ceedf",
  "blockNumber": "566119",
  "contractAddress": "0xd42fc221e715ed54e7fb7adddd498adb8dcb8fd5",
  "cumulativeGasUsed": "313514",
  "from": "0xb863185c6361a226edc3ec11eb891a2cfddc5685",
  "gasUsed": "313514",
  "nonce": "0",
  "receivedAt": 1570299445314,
  "status": "1",
  "to": null,
  "transactionHash": "0xaa34f788b83746290571ca4a044bf2c407446521c1d41b82c09f13560fc524ec",
  "transactionIndex": "0"

Example of an async failure receipt

  "_id": "aa680136-dfdd-4bee-72ec-c411d2eb8a63",
  "headers": {
    "type": "TransactionFailure",
    "id": "89955481-fd25-40cd-4894-a115e9457acd",
    "requestId": "aa680136-dfdd-4bee-72ec-c411d2eb8a63",
    "requestOffset": "u0j6rld2ka-u0uk478rin-requests:0:6",
    "timeElapsed": 2.053656159,
    "timeReceived": "2019-10-05T18:19:02.284173767Z"
  "blockHash": "0x6cd03b143fa4ad4f48e9008af98b63662dea21a161df8e0ba6ac9831286c7879",
  "blockNumber": "566129",
  "cumulativeGasUsed": "42877",
  "from": "0xb863185c6361a226edc3ec11eb891a2cfddc5685",
  "gasUsed": "42877",
  "nonce": "0",
  "receivedAt": 1570299544842,
  "status": "0",
  "to": "0xd42fc221e715ed54e7fb7adddd498adb8dcb8fd5",
  "transactionHash": "0xe16d0e00f63a60177955adc2a0b9fb8656c25d2d8ff1d471668cb6e5def46800",
  "transactionIndex": "0"

Example of an async error

If the transaction could not be submitted to a node in asynchronous mode, then you will still get a receipt. However, that receipt will contain details of the error.

For example:

  "_id": "4696c9f7-2163-4237-7b58-0884fff5fbaf",
  "errorMessage": "Method 'constructor' param 0: Could not be converted to a number",
  "headers": {
    "type": "Error",
    "id": "786492a7-1032-473b-55ee-4dc74d1fa174",
    "requestId": "4696c9f7-2163-4237-7b58-0884fff5fbaf",
    "requestOffset": "u0j6rld2ka-u0uk478rin-requests:0:1",
    "timeElapsed": 0.000349413,
    "timeReceived": "2019-10-05T18:08:28.492341544Z"
  "receivedAt": 1570298908996,
  "requestPayload": "...."

The receipt also contains the full input of the transaction in the requestPayload field, so do you debug or re-submit