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Geth Console

Each node client offered on Kaleido exposes the full JSON/RPC API for administration of your node. Use the geth attach command followed by a fully qualified node endpoint (application credentials injected inline URL) to access the interface. For example:

geth attach https://username:password@u0dhsvonfo-u0vwzarter-rpc.us0-aws.kaleido.io

Where the username:password portion of the string is replaced by valid application credentials owned by the same membership owning the targeted node and the u0dhsvonfo-u0vwzarter-rpc.us0-aws.kaleido.io example placeholder is replaced by the real RPC endpoint of your node.

The interactive console surfaces the core Ethereum modules such as personal, txpool, admin and debug. Leverage the underlying APIs to manage transactions, user accounts and more. For example, to generate a new account on the node you can use the personal class and newAccount() method to derive a brand new account that can be locked with an arbitrary passphrase of your choice. Within the console the call would resemble the following:


You can then interactively supply passphrase materials and choose to lock or unlock the account for subsequent transaction signing.

For more information on the available JavaScript APIs, refer to the formal JavaScript Console documentation.