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APIs & Authentication

Administrative API

Everything that you can do via the Kaleido console, you can also do via the Kaleido API.

  • Create & manage consortia, environments, blockchain nodes & full-stack services
  • Access logs and metrics
  • Read ledger index data on your contracts, transactions, and token operations
  • ... and many more

See the Admin API section of the Developer Materials for worked examples.

These calls are routed via our SaaS control plane and secured via Administrative API Keys

Runtime APIs

The blockchain nodes and full-stack services you run in your environments also have a rich set of APIs to perform their function. Some of these APIs include:

  • Raw interfaces into Ethereum blockchain nodes (JSON/RPC)
  • Auto-generated REST APIs for Smart Contracts (Ethconnect)
  • Subscribing to Event Streams
  • Application to Application Messaging with end-to-end encryption
  • Document Storage and Transfer
  • Wallets and Signing
  • ... and many more

See the Application Programming section of the Developer Materials, as well as the details of each Full-stack Service.

These calls go direct to your runtimes and are secured via Runtime Application Credentials