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SaaS Platform Updates

September 14th 2021

  • Fixes:
    • Platform: Fixed an issue due to which some Environments with a Protocol configuration would encounter an error during Resume/Upgrade operations for the environment or Node create/reset operations.

September 9th 2021

  • New:
    • Console: We've added support for Firefly with Hyperledger Besu provider.
    • Console: node_config now has expanded parameters to configure advanced Kafka parameters.
    • Console: AWS cloud configuration now supports newer fields such as role_arn.
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Fixed an issue due to which information would not be displayed correctly for some account sign up.

August 27rd 2021

  • New:
    • Platform: Update to new Azure Marketplace entry
    • Billing: Internal enhancements to add additional options, supporting customer engagements

August 23rd 2021

  • New:
    • Console: You can now manage your organization's support tickets through the new Help Center on the console.
    • Console: The Rotating Signers service now has a new dashboard that can be found under Quorum/IBFT environments.
    • Console: Configuration of RPC Gas Cap and various Cache tuning parameters for Geth/Quorum runtimes is available in Protocol Configuration.
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Fixed an issue where some supported countries were missing from our payment provider options.

July 27th 2021

  • Release version 1.0.47 delivered
  • New:
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Fixed an issue due to which the option to change the Size of an IPFS runtime was not available in the UI.
    • Console: Fixed an issue due to a Blockchain Application Firewall created via API by setting a membership_id was not displayed in the UI.

July 8th 2021

  • Release version 1.0.46 delivered
  • New:
    • Platform: The node_config now has expanded parameters available for environments on release version 1.0.46 or later: rpc_gas_cap, geth_cache_size, geth_cache_database_share, geth_cache_trie_share, geth_cache_gc_share, geth_cache_snapshot_share, geth_cache_trie_rejournal_interval

June 10th 2021

  • Fixes:
    • Console: Panel for Fabric CA runtimes includes a hostname for the HTTP endpoint
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where nodes entered failed state after reset in some existing environments

June 8th 2021

  • Release version 1.0.45 delivered
  • New:
    • Console: Apps experience have been revamped to be consistent across supported providers
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Fixed an issue where incorrect resource limits were displayed in App to App messaging and Kaleido Document Exchange

May 18th 2021

  • Release version 1.0.44 delivered
  • New:
    • Console: Public Ethereum Tether is now available in the new console.
    • Console: Contract Projects under Shared Assets in the Network view has been renamed toApps
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Fixed an issue due to which Gateway API creation using a solidity upload was resulting in an error.

April 18th 2021

  • Release version 1.0.43 delivered
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Uploads to Kaleido Document Exchange larger than 10MB were failing when performed via the UI console

April 15th 2021

  • Release version 1.0.42 delivered
  • New:
    • Console: We’ve made updates to our payment processing management to increase resiliency and to reduce transaction-related issues
  • Fixes:
    • Platform: Add jwks_url as a supported type of jwt_key_type in OAuth Resource Manager configuration
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where some services would be stuck in initializing after a restart

March 29th, 2021

  • Release version 1.0.41 delivered
  • New:
    • Console: We've introduced support for Identity Registry in the new Console.
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Swagger - Fixed an issue due to which 401 errors were sometimes returned when using Swagger UI on a node configured with Blockchain Application firewall.
    • Console: Fixed an issue which prevented Configurations from being applied during Node creation.
    • Console: When confirming Organizational Identity, fixed an issue due to which Kaleido Unique Identifier in an Externally Signed identity is incorrect.
    • Console: Fixed an issue due to which App to App messaging destinations could not be created in the UI for members with externally signed identity already registered on-chain.
    • Console: On HD Wallet creation, fixed an issue due to which the UI panel was reporting an "Upgrade Needed" incorrectly.
    • Console: Clarify error message displayed when an App to App messaging or Document Exchange destination consists of disallowed characters.

Feb 27th, 2021

  • Release version 1.0.40 delivered
  • New:
    • Console: We've introduced support for Identity Registry in the new Console.
    • Console: Blockchain Application firewall - Enable Receipts/Filter/Subscribe Chain Operations by default when creating a blockchain application firewall policy.

Jan 2nd, 2021

  • Release version 1.0.39 delivered
  • New:
    • Platform: Support for new P256K key type in Azure Key Vault for newly created keys

December 22nd, 2020

  • Release version 1.0.38 delivered
  • New:
    • Platform: Cloud HSM Signer now supports AWS KMS. Note: Environments must be on release v1.0.38+ to leverage this support.
    • Platform: IPFS now supports large deployments for organizations on the Business plan or higher
  • Fixes:
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where an incomplete list of pending invitations could be returned.
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where resetting a service runtime would sometimes result in the service being stuck in the initializing state
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where rate limiting was not correctly applied to service runtimes. Note: Service runtime connection and request limits is the same as nodes based on the size of the service runtime.

December 8th, 2020

  • New:
    • Console: Delete action added to invitations on the Memberships panel, in Network Governance
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Fixed an issue accessing Address Book on-chain profile data from a remote region

November 12th, 2020

  • Fixes:
    • Console: Fixed an issue affecting some users creating an account with a mixed-case e-mail address.

October 22nd, 2020

  • Release version 1.0.37 delivered
  • New:
    • Corda provider is now generally available.

October 20th, 2020

  • Release version 1.0.36 delivered
  • New:
    • Console: Event streams can now be updated after creation
    • Platform: IPFS now supports medium deployments for organizations on the Business plan or higher
    • Platform: IPFS can be provisioned with either flatfs or badgerds in environments on release v1.0.36+
    • Platform: We've updated the Team plan. Learn more here
  • Fixes:
    • Console: We've improved the clarity around password validation when signing up as a new user
    • Console/Platform: Fixed an issue where sub-organization usage could be incorrectly reported to their parent organization
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where resetting a runtime could retain previous networking configuration details

October 2nd, 2020

  • Release version 1.0.35 delivered
  • New:
    • Console: We've updated Environment Setting with a panel to display current Active Chain Configuration and any Available Chain Configuration that can be applied to the environment using a Hard Fork.
    • Console/Platform: For Quorum Environments, we've introduced a new option in Environment Settings & API to Hard Fork and Upgrade to Quorum 2.7, from earlier releases of Quorum.
    • Platform: We've updated the Starter plan. Learn more here
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Fixed an intermittent error where users might encounter a 504 Gateway Timeout when compiling Contracts.

September 10th, 2020

  • Release version 1.0.34 delivered
  • Fixes:
    • Platform: Fix issue attaching Credit Card billing affecting some users
    • Platform: Fix issue viewing historical invoices affecting some users

September 4th, 2020

  • Release version 1.0.33 delivered
  • New:
    • Console: We've updated the Environment Settings to include details such as the Chain ID which were previously only available via API
    • Console: Enhance supported for upgradable contracts by allowing a new ABI and DevDocs to be attached to an existing compiled contract, and to re-promote that new interface to each environment.
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Fixed an issue where Advanced Protocol Configuration was not applied to the runtimes unless a Node Reset was performed as a separate action after applying the configuration
    • Console: Blockchain Application Firewall/Kaleido Managed Wallet: Add Trace level logging for debugging purposes

August 19th, 2020

  • New:
    • Console: Network Invitations can now be managed entirely from the new console
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Fixed an issue where Document Exchange dashboards would occasionally display empty directories as populated, and vice versa
    • Console: Fixed an issue where invalid memberships were sometimes included in membership selectors (for example, when adding a node)

August 14th, 2020

  • Release Version 1.0.32 delivered
  • New:
    • Platform: Allow starter/team organizations to decline organizations to join a Consortia
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Fixed a UI issue registering new memberships in the on-chain registry in some older environments
    • Console: Fixed default block period for newly created Enterprise IBFT environments to be 10s

August 10th, 2020

  • Release Version 1.0.31 delivered
  • New:
    • B2B:
      • New dashboard experience for App2App and Document Exchange
      • At-a-glance metrics and monthly usage reports
      • Quickly and easily set up and test your messaging or browse your documents
      • Medium and Large instances of App2App and Document Exchange now available
    • Console: New HD Wallet, IPFS, and Chainlink dashboards
    • Console: Enhanced REST API (Swagger/OpenAPI) exerciser built into console - no longer opens a new window
    • Console: Customize your environment during creation with details like Chain ID and block period
    • Console: Improved node customization now available: tweak you gas limit, gateway setup, and more
    • Console + Platform: Sub-organizations and new organization management options are now available -- find out more here
    • Console + Platform: Separated upload type of contract project from precompiled
    • Adds npm / Truffle dependency support for uploaded Solidity source / zip projects
    • API Gateway (requires upgrading to v1.0.31+):
      • Event streams can now be updated after creation
      • Event stream events now contain timestamps
      • ABIEncoderV2 is now supported
      • HD Wallet addresses now supported
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Fixed an issue where UI-based application credentials could be reset by the user
    • Console: Fixed an issue where uploading a Contract project could result in timeouts in some scenarios
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where some runtimes were being provisioned with incorrect resource allocations
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where runtime sizes could be modified to values invalid on the user's current plan level
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where the Blockchain Application Firewall was not using the correct Chain ID for the associated environment
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where an invalid Chain ID could be provided during environment creation resulting in an inoperable environment
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where SSO did not always prompt the user for account selection
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where being a member of many organizations could result in being unable to successfully sign in
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where logs were failing to stream to CloudWatch when a log stream configuration was attached to a node
    • App2App: Fixed an issue where externally manageddestinations could become unusable (requires upgrading to v1.0.31+)

July 21st, 2020

  • Release Version 1.0.30 delivered
  • Fixes:
    • Blockchain Application Firewall (BAF): Fixed error applying policy with JWT verification disabled

July 15th, 2020

  • New:
    • Console: Google social login enabled

July 1st, 2020

  • Release Version 1.0.29 delivered
  • New:
    • Platform: Private Stack self-managed nodes - GA release (requires entitlement)
    • Console: Enhanced for Event Streams available in the new console - significant enhancements to functionality
    • Console: Multi-factor authentication (MFA) support now available on all logins
    • Console: Organization level enforcement of MFA on Business and Enterprise plan tiers
    • Console: Enhanced experience for Ether pool available in the new console
    • Console: Enhanced password change and reset experience
    • Console: All new environments created are multi-region capable by default, where supported by the consensus algorithm (plan limits to region counts still apply)
    • Console: Enhancements to Cloud HSM Signer UX, including refreshing the account list from the signing device
  • Fixes:
    • Azure marketplace: Resolves an issue logging in via the new console
    • Digital Assets: Transaction history API/UX improvements for individual tokens with many thousands of transfers
    • Invoices: Resolves an issue where invoices were only available from specific console regions for each organization

June 17th, 2020

  • Release Version 1.0.28 delivered
  • New:
    • Console: Improved "Manage Organization" experience, for visibility of billing, usage, and subscription level
    • Platform: Ethereum chains hard fork operations are performed separately from release upgrades, environments stay at the same release after hard fork
    • Console: Hard fork management in environment settings panel to detect applicable hard forks with one-click application
    • Console: Ability to create AWS and HashiCorp configurations for CloudHSM signers
    • Console: Enhanced Cloud HSM signer dashboard to add new accounts and obtain connection URLs
    • Console: Ability to add or remove individual Nodes, including the System Monitor, as block signers in IBFT or POA environments
    • Platform: We've updated the Starter plan. Learn more here
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Fixed a display issue in the block explorer where Raft timestamps were interpreted as milliseconds instead of nanoseconds.
    • Console: Display more informative error messages from login failures
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where some services were not aware of other runtimes within the same environment.

May 22nd, 2020

  • New:
    • Console: Improved experience for changing your plan
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Added more information to Token Factory in cases where a hard fork upgrade of the chain is required
    • Console: Fixed linking a new AWS Marketplace subscription to Kaleido account, when using the new console
    • Console: Corrected wording on digital assets homepage to help users find the existing Atomic Swap and Zero Knowledge Proof functionality
    • Console: Fixed typo in environment creation

May 11th, 2020

  • Release Version 1.0.27 delivered
  • New:
    • Console: New Console experience with even more improvements! This is now the default view for the console (don't worry, you can still access the previous one from the header once you sign in if you need).
    • API: Stop and Start a node in an environment
    • API: Node configuration now provides additional tuning parameters for API Gateway
    • API: Environments that do not support constantinople are now eligible for an optional hard fork during an upgrade.
  • Fixes:
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where contracts leveraging solc compiler v6 would fail to compile
    • Platform: Fixed an issue which resulted in genesis config missing constantinopleBlock in new Multi Region environments
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where nodes which were syncing were deleted before they were voted out of the chain's signer list

April 21st, 2020

  • Release Version 1.0.26 delivered
  • New:
    • Console: Preview our new Console experience -- access it by signing in and following the link at the top of the dashboard
    • Platform: CloudHSM Signer service and configuration -- learn more about the new service here
    • Platform: App2App Messaging and Document Store services are now supported in multi-region deployments for environments >=v1.0.26
    • Platform: Managed contracts with no successful compilations can now be deleted
    • API: Services can now be reset in the same way as Nodes
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Fixed an issue where refreshing could cause an error
    • Console: Fixes an issue where transaction pool status was not displayed for Besu environments
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where consortium invitations were embedding incorrect console URLs
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where usage metrics of the monitor node was not being retrieved correctly for some deployment combinations
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where multi-region deployments could take a long time to reconcile networking changes between nodes/services
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where new user emails were being stored in a case-sensitive manner when being added to an organization

March 23rd, 2020

  • Release Version 1.0.25 delivered
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Fixed an error generating an API key from a region that is not the home region of the organization
    • API: Fixed a 401 error using an API key generated for a user who has a home region that is not he same home region as the organization

March 16th, 2020

  • Fixes:
    • Enhanced Azure Marketplace sign-up to to support Microsoft Azure Active Directory accounts without a primary email address attached. All new Microsoft Azure Marketplace users of Kaleido must verify their email through a separate Kaleido login/registration. This verification occurs after clicking "Configure Account" in the "Software as a Service (SaaS) section of the Microsoft Azure portal.

March 3rd, 2020

  • Release Version 1.0.24 delivered
  • New:
    • Smart Contract Management: Constantinople EVM version support and additional Solidity compiler versions
    • API: Add new Blockchain Application Firewall (BAF) "templated": true option to rulesets
    • Platform: Enhanced runtime infrastructure for metrics
  • Fixes:
    • Platform: Correct access to storage configuration type (requires Business or Enterprise plan level)
    • Platform: Reset of a node only transitioned to Initializing for a brief period, and returned to Started before reset was complete
    • Login: "Your verification code" showed error "Required" for some browsers after pre-filling the verification code from an email
    • Login: Improved error messages when logging in via a region that is not the home region for your account
    • Console: Fixed old documentation links within Kaleido Connect
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where services created with invalid cloud configurations could fail to deploy

February 17th, 2020

  • Release Version 1.0.23 delivered
  • New:
  • Fixes:
    • Platform: Remove global txpool limits from all node sizes to address scenario where some transactions in a txpool with a large "pending" list may not be processed
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where upgrading services in a paused environment would incorrectly set the service state to failed
    • Platform: Fixed an issue where sign-up verification emails were intermittently not being sent

February 3rd, 2020

  • Fixes:
    • Platform: Allow environments where all resources are owned by a single member to be paused, in a decentralized consortium
    • Platform: Improved instructions in error message when moving an existing user to Microsoft Azure Marketplace login + billing
    • Platform: Improvements to Azure Marketplace unsubscribe flow

January 28th, 2020

  • Fixes:
    • Infrastructure: Fixed an issue that could result in the first Chainlink service in an environment failing to start

January 23rd, 2020

  • Release Version 1.0.22 delivered
  • New:
    • Console: Pre-compiled contracts upload limit increased to 1MB
    • Console: Account billing now supports payments with Azure Marketplace subscription
    • Console: Ether Pool UI updated to support dispensing LINK tokens deployed by Chainlink services
    • API: New ledger API endpoints added to query token transfers by wallet
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Token explorer UI goes blank if some tokens do not have a supply value
    • Console: Flow to invite an organization can not be completed
    • Console: Error inviting a new member to a decentralized consortium on the Business plan

January 8th, 2020

  • New:
    • Platform: All newly created blockchains will have Constantinople enabled in the genesis block
      • Includes all providers - Hyperledger Besu (Poa/IBFT), Quorum (RAFT/IBFT) and Go-ethereum (PoA)
  • Fixes:
    • Invoicing: Improved readability of Stripe invoices with changes to ordering and descriptions of the line items

December 23rd, 2019

  • Fixes:
    • Infrastructure: Fix an issue that could result in nodes created soon after the creation of a multi-region environment to transition to a "failed" state
    • Console: Fix a translation error when copying an application credential

December 20th, 2019

  • Fixes:
    • Infrastructure: Fix an issue that could result in environments on the Starter plan to be paused earlier than intended.

December 19th, 2019

  • Release Version 1.0.21 delivered
  • New:
    • Allow creation of certain services in any zone in the environment for Multi-Region environments
    • Console: Announcement banner for automatic upgrade of back-level environments, week of 20th January 2020
    • Console: Ability to select region using dropdown when creating a service
    • Console: Ability to select membership using dropdown when creating a service (previously on catalog panel)
    • Console: Login for Azure users and Enterprise Organizations automatically redirects after inputting email address
    • Console: Support for Azure Marketplace billing (new Kaleido plan rolling out in the Azure Marketplace)
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Allow contracts with bytecode up to 1MB to be deployed using Gateway API
    • Console: Fix an issue with paginated results of contract queries
    • Infrastructure: Fix an issue that could result in environment deletion taking longer than expected

November 25th, 2019

  • New:
    • Tech Preview tag removed from Microsoft Azure
    • Tech Preview tag removed from Hyperledger Besu
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Allow owning organization to be specified on Consortium creation for a user who is a member of multiple organizations

October 31st, 2019

  • Release Version 1.0.20 delivered
  • New: None
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Fix an issue with re-sending verification codes for new accounts
    • Console: Fix environment metrics to cope with nodes deleted in the past 24 hours
    • Console: Fix zero knowledge tokens service dashboard to cope with deleted node accounts
    • Console: Fix link to api docs for zero knowledge tokens service dashboard
    • Infrastructure: Fix an issue that could result in environment deletion taking longer than expected

October 7th, 2019

  • Release Version 1.0.19 delivered
  • New:
    • Feature: Smart Contract Management
    • Console: Branding change from Pantheon to Hyperledger Besu
    • Private Networking support for HDWallet service (API only)
    • Backup a node using a pre-signed URL to a file in a S3 bucket (AWS only, API only)
    • Tech Preview: create a chain with Constantinople block enabled (API only)
  • Fixes:
    • Console: Fix Azure backup configuration creation
    • Infrastructure: Fix to prevent the creation of invalid networking configurations during certain environment upgrades

September 23, 2019

  • New:
    • Additional preparation for targeted migration of environments to latest infrastructure.
  • Fixes:
    • Infrastructure: Some Chainlink and Openlaw services had improperly defined networking configurations resulting in a failure to start the service.

September 16, 2019

  • Release Version 1.0.18 delivered
  • New service: Zero Knowledge Tokens - for private token transfers using zero knowledge proof technology
    • Supported on Quorum running Raft or IBFT consensus
    • Integrated with any ERC20 token contract
    • The first Kaleido Labs service offering leading edge technologies with easy buttons
  • Fixes:
    • Quorum/Raft: automatically fill the first three pre-byzantium blocks of new RAFT environments with transactions that cancel out each other (by transferring ETH back and forth), so client DApps can always assume byzantium blocks

September 12, 2019

  • New:
    • Preparation for targeted migration of environments to latest infrastructure

September 4, 2019

  • Release Version 1.0.17 delivered
  • New service: Document Store - for managing and transferring large, private off-chain data payloads
    • Support for AWS/Azure cloud private cloud storage
    • Reliable end-to-end encrypted transfer over the Kaleido kafka messaging backbone
  • Fixes:
    • Rotating Block Signers: Set maximum signers to 16
    • Runtime: Some multi-region environments saw incomplete peer-connectivity, after adding app credentials
    • API: Return txpool summary as numbers, not hex
    • Token explorer: Enhancements to display when more than 25 separate ERC20/ERC721 contracts deployed on chain
    • Console UI: Enhanced package of security related headers aligned with latest browser security standards (CSP, HSTS etc.)
    • Console UI / REST API Gateway: Error displayed when deleting event streams, or subscriptions

August 15, 2019

  • Release Version 1.0.16 delivered
  • New:
    • Service: Rotating Signers service
    • Infrastructure: TLS 1.2 enforced on load balancer (downgrade to TLS 1.1 disabled)
    • Console, Quroum/Tessera: Add private transaction manager endpoint for sending externally signed transactions
    • Console: Download details of the node pending transactions pool contents as a JSON file
    • Runtime: Additional check to prevent removal of the last signer, in the case all others have been voted outside of Kaleido, or via rotating signers service
  • Fixes:
    • Runtime: Some Pantheon environments on the starter tier that should have been paused due to inactivity, were not being paused
    • Runtime: Problem voting nodes as signers, for environments with nodes containing many of thousands of wallet accounts on nodes
    • Runtime: Problem voting nodes as signers, for environments with nodes containing many of thousands of wallet accounts on nodes

August 7, 2019

  • Release Version 1.0.15 delivered
  • New:
    • Restart an individual node from the Kaleido console console, via new "Actions" tab on a node
  • Fixes:
    • App2App: Kafka destination unavailable after pause/resume
    • Console: Timing condition caused an error to be displayed to some users when create an application credential
    • Console: Error displayed when creating a new AWS S3 backup configuration
    • Console: Error when clicking into a node with a null name, created via the API
    • Console: Error adding a new administrator/user to an organization

August 1, 2019

  • Fixes:
    • Auto-pause: Some starter environments that should be paused due to inactivity, were not correctly paused
    • Metrics: Storage was incorrectly reported as zero MB in some environments
    • Runtime: Upgrading a paused environment, followed closely by resuming that environment, could lose peers after upgrade

July 26, 2019

  • Release Version 1.0.14 delivered
  • New:
    • Azure Key Vault KMS integration generally available for nodes
  • Fixes:
    • Block Explorer: Intermittent failures querying data for some customers accessing cross-region
    • Node Details / Metrics: Intermittent failures querying data
    • Environment Dashboard: Improved responsiveness of UI to live updates
    • Token Factory: Minor UI bug fixes
    • Token Swaps: Minor UI bug fixes
    • Azure Key Vault KMS integration: Addressed errors starting some nodes with KMS enabled

June 24, 2019

  • Release Version 1.0.13 delivered
  • New:
    • API/UI: REST Gateway support for friendly contract names
    • API/UI: Billing invoices now downloadable as PDFs
    • API: Garbage collection mode now configurable for Geth/Quorum nodes via node configurations
    • API: Sync mode now configurable for Geth/Quorum nodes via node configurations
    • API: Nodes and member services can now be restarted individually
    • API: New nodes created while on the starter plan will be a new "starter" size rather than the previous "small" size
  • Fixes:
    • UI: Fixed an issue where the billing panel would not load on subsequent page loads
    • UI: Fixed an issue where environment creation would not display the default region
    • UI: Fixed an issue where consortium invitations would not display if not viewed in the appropriate regional dashboard
    • UI: Improvements to live updates and general responsiveness of the dashboard
    • Runtime: Fixed an issue where the Public Ethereum Tether was not receiving the full list of nodes in the environment

June 12, 2019

  • New:
    • Docs: New documentation site launched
  • Fixes:
    • Runtime: Upgrading a multi-region environment could result in incomplete peer information
    • Runtime: Login via multiple regions in an edge condition could result in multiple Kaleido account profiles in different regions, owned by a single email
    • API/UI: Funding an account through the Ether pool fails with a Pantheon provider
    • API/UI: Backend microservice socket reconnections could expose API errors to queries on /logs API resources (nodes & services)
    • Runtime: Intermittent issue cleaning up resources for members leaving consortium participating in a multi-region environment

June 7, 2019

  • Fixes:
    • Runtime: Fix to upgrade of Quorum environments older than Feb 21st 2019 that have not had nodes added/removed

June 6, 2019

  • Release Version V1.0.12 delivered
  • New:
    • API: Allow Azure Backup configuration to be attached to a node/service
    • API: Ethwallet deployments return API URL
    • API: When attempting a JSON/RPC (web3) call against a paused node, improve the error message

May 29, 2019

  • New:
    • API: Create environment block_period tuning IBFT extended to 5-20secs for IBFT
  • Fixes:
    • Runtime: Email notification styling changes
    • UI: Token Swaps
    • UI: Hide wallet tab on Node Details for old environments
    • UI: Clause Integration - smart contract installation failure

May 15, 2019

  • New:
    • Tokens: Factory, Swaps, Explorer, Asset Registry
    • Pantheon
    • Login experience
    • Eth Wallet
    • Node health dashboard
    • API Gateway
    • Event Streams
    • Addressbook
    • App2App Messenger
    • Trufflebox
    • Rhombus
    • Chainlink

April 1, 2019

  • Release Version v1.0.10 delivered
  • Fixes:
    • Unable to re-enter corrected Credit Card details after inputting incorrect details
    • Some linked AWS accounts were under-charged, due to a problem steaming hourly billing data to the AWS Marketplace billing service.
      • No retroactive billing for used services will occur.

March 29, 2019

  • Fixes:
    • Error resuming environments with the Public Ethereum Tether service deployed

March 27, 2019

  • New:
    • New billing provider: Credit Card, powered by Stripe
    • New API route to query the genesis configuration of an environment:
      • New: GET /api/v1/c/:consortium_id/e/:env_id/genesis
    • New API options on environment creation, to add additional accounts to be funded at the gensis of the chain (the alloc section of the genesis block)
      • Updated: POST /api/v1/c/:consortium_id/e/:env_id
      • "prefunded_accounts": { "d785b4783eaa32535781a5e07a864d13e4275714": { "balance": "1234567890000000" } }
  • Fixes:
    • Incorrect pause of some inactive environments at Team plan or higher
    • Timing related errors observed in some environments establishing PKI identities for memberships, and viewing services

March 21, 2019

  • New:
    • UI banner announcing upcoming rollout of 1.0.8 baseline maintenance on 19th April (only applicable to customers who have not yet applied 1.0.8 or newer)
  • Fixes:
    • Environment upgrade failed in some multi-region environments
    • On-chain Registry UI failed to load when accessed from a region other than the one hosting the metadata for the environment

March 19, 2019

  • New:
    • Enable Kaleido ops to apply a specific release to a customer environment

March 15, 2019

  • Release Version v1.0.9 delivered
  • New: Multi-region environments
  • New: Kaleido managed self-signed PKI identity for membership
  • New: On-chain Registry
  • New: UX resdesign
  • New: Smart Contract versions
  • New: 0.3.0 CLI and SDK updates
    • Note: Use 0.2.0 for users with on-chain registry prior to Mar 15
  • Fix: Mark Azure Portal/Marketplace registration as complete after first login
  • Fix: Default membership on a new consortium matchs the org name
  • Fix: deployment of Rhombus and integration
  • Fix: Display node after creation in Console

March 12, 2019

  • New: Azure Cloud Support
  • Fix: Block explorer contract verification file upload
  • Fix: Constellation logs

March 8, 2019

  • Release Version v1.0.8 delivered
  • New: Multi-region Consortia
  • New: Multi-region Environments (API only)
  • New: API Consortia and Environment deployment zone configuration
  • New: Marketplace Integration Rhombus
  • New: Marketplace Openlaw version update
  • Fix: Block Explorer transaction details

February 22, 2019

  • New: Marketplace Integration Unchain
  • New: Marketplace Integration Clause

February 21, 2019

  • Release Version v1.0.7 delivered
  • New: Regen secret of app credentials

February 7, 2019

  • Fix: Node size tooltip
  • Fix: Node size tooltip

February 6, 2019

  • Release Version v1.0.6 delivered

January 31, 2019

  • Release Version v1.0.5 delivered
  • New: Added Clause Integration
  • New: Kaleido Connect interactive mode
  • New: Public Ethereum Tether dashboard
  • New: Block Explorer 2.0 : UX and performance enhancements, enhanced smart contract verification
  • New: Node Logs available from the node info view and the service dashboard view
  • Improve: Service Dashboards no longer open in a new tab
  • Improve: Public Ethereum Tether promoted to full marketplace service
  • Improve: Audit log of consortium level actions taken
  • Improve: Application Credentials UX

January 21, 2019

  • Improve: Environment creation advice on minimum environment sizes
  • Fix: Block Explorer stalled indexing for some old environments after upgrading environment
  • Fix: Public Ethereum Tether dashboard cleanup
  • Fix: “Introduce Yourself” after consortia creation

January 20, 2019

  • Release V1.0.4 delivered
  • New: Public Ethereum Tether
  • New: Prevent deletion of service with the private key of Main-net Ethereum account

January 13, 2019

  • Release V1.0.2 delivered
  • New: Audit log includes API key events
  • Fixed: Display console after accepting invitation
  • Improved: Transaction activity detection for automatic environment pausing
  • Improved: Contact form
  • Improved: Remove whitespace on account addresses

December 12, 2018

  • New: Billing management updates for negotiated enterprise contracts

December 11, 2018

  • New: manual migration of configurations (S3 backup / KMS) on existing nodes
  • Fix: license acceptance
  • Fix: creation of non-signer nodes in environments with initial signer permissioning enabled
  • Fix: Trim spaces on funding account entry
  • Fix: UI to delete failed services