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The Kaleido Platform


Welcome to the Kaleido Blockchain Business Cloud.

An awardwinning platform for building and running modern production business networks, with Blockchain at their core.

Kaleido offers the full stack of services needed for the next generation of Enterprise Decentralized applications. Delivered as fully managed Enterprise SaaS with borderless connectivity across Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, dedicated and hybrid deployments.

Everything you need to turn your concept, into a consortium.

A Full Stack Experience

With the core Blockchain layer making up only 10-20% of an overall solution, Kaleido provides you with the full stack of tools you need to rapidly build decentralized apps that are both robust and scaleable.

Architecture Reference

Running in one of our isolated per-tenant networks, you retain control your keys, and you retain control of your data. With individual administrative ownership for each participant, and the permissioned governance your consortium needs to stay secure, and reliable.

Blockchain Essentials

Blockchain is a shared ledger technology that delivers greater degrees of speed, trust, security, transparency and a lot more...

Foundational Concepts

These are the foundational concepts for understanding Kaleido, The Blockchain Business Cloud.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Kaleido provides an enterprise grade upgrade strategy for every layer of the stack