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Kaleido services are modular building blocks for developing decentralized applications (Dapps). Learn how a full-stack blockchain platform can accelerate your project.

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A Full Stack Experience

3rd Party Services

The Kaleido Marketplace contains 3rd party partner services like Chainlink, OpenLaw and many more.

App to App Messaging

Kafka-backed, app-to-app pipeline for encryption, submission and decryption of messages between members of an environment.

Block Explorer

Visualize blocks, transactions, smart contracts and much more with the Block Explorer.

Ether Pool

The Ether Pool is an environmentally-shared utility service, accessible by any organization operating a node within the environment it is provisioned in.


Create and store Ethereum account addresses, corresponding private signing keys and more with this standalone wallet component.

HD Wallet

The HD Wallets service provides an elegant solution for both account management and identity masking, among other things.


IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol and allows for storing large files and data structures off-chain.

On-Chain Registry

Environmental utility service allowing for x509 certificates to be authoritatively mapped to organizational Ethereum addresses and more.

Public Ethereum Tether

The Public Ethereum Tether is an environmental utility service that allows for synchronized views of the chain and is periodically relayed to a public Ethereum network depending on configuration.

REST API Gateway

Modern REST APIs with enterprise grade connectivity from your applications and back-office systems, to your on-chain Smart Contracts


Enterprises can leverage tokens to create a trustworthy framework for asset tracking, settlement, custody and much more on Kaleido.