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Corda OS

Kaleido supports Corda OS (Open Source) version 4.4 as of release 1.0.27.

Kaleido's current support for both Corda runtime and CorDapps are based on JDK 11.


All accounts in all plan tiers are able to provision Corda environments in Kaleido. As with all other platform features, it is free in the start plan. For pricing in the team plan, please check out the pricing page.

If would like to get Corda Enterprise support, please contact us via

Multi-Region Environments

All Corda environments on Kaleido are multi-region compatible by default. Depending on your plan tier you will be able to add multiple regions and clouds to any Corda environment. If you create an environment with a single initial deployment zone, you can add additional deployment zones at any time.

Managed Network CAs

For each Corda environment, Kaleido automatically provisions a network root Certificate Authority, the doorman Certificate Authority, and other signing authorities essential to bootstrap a business network with Corda. These certificate authorities run inside a special node called "System monitor". Every user Corda node is provisioned with node CAs signed by the doorman CA automatically, so that the trust relationship between the Corda nodes and the network root can be established.

Managed Notary

For each Corda environment, Kaleido automatically provisions a notary node, which also runs inside the "System monitor" node. The notary is automatically registered with each new Corda node, such that CorDdapp flows will be able to look up the notary from the Corda service hub API.

Managed Corda Nodes

Every customer Corda nodes are issued a node Certificate Authority, which is signed by the network's doorman Certificate Authority. This allows the Corda nodes to join the same network and be able to validate signatures from both the notary and other Corda nodes.

In addition, user nodes are automatically registered with each other to make them discoverable via the Corda service hub API on every node.

CorDapp Management

Kaleido's contract management support CorDapp deployment. With click of a few buttons, or calling a few APIs if you prefer that way, you can easily deploy your contract and flow jars to your Corda nodes. And you do not have to worry about signing them, because Kaleido automates using the trusted signing keys already provisioning in the network to sign the jars so they can be successfully loaded by Corda runtime.

Client Access

As your Corda nodes run inside Kaleido in a secure container armed with layers of firewalls and load balancers, you need special credentials to gain access to the node in order to submit transaction requests. Kaleido provides user management via a built-in user registry compatible with Corda specification, so that you can easily create user accounts, define user roles and assign permissions.

On the network level, client applications can access Kaleido Corda nodes via the secure Network Bridge. The client software for the network bridge can be downloaded directly from the Corda node panel in Kaleido console UI, with configurations generated based on the topology and membership of the Corda environment.

For deeper understanding of Corda, visit the Corda documentation