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Add the Service to your Environment

Via the console

  • Navigate to your environment dashboard
  • Click the + Add button in the top right, and select Add Services from the drop-down menu
  • Find Chainlink in the list of services, and click the Add button in that tile
  • Select the membership that will own the service.
  • If in a multi-region environment, select the region to deploy the service in.
  • The service is ready for use when a green dot appears next to it.

Via the API

To provision the service via the API follow the same procedure as other member services with a service type of chainlink, a membership ID, optional zone ID, and an optional name in the body of the call.

Note that this example call assumes that the $APIURL, $HDR_AUTH and $HDR_CT environment variables have been properly set. To see the example syntax for these variables refer to the Kaleido API documentation. An example Chainlink service creation call would resemble the following:

curl -X POST -H "$HDR_AUTH" -H "$HDR_CT" "$APIURL/consortia/{consortia_id}/environments/{environment_id}/services" -d '{"name":"ExampleChainlinkService", "service":"chainlink", "membership_id":"{membership_id}"}' | jq

Truffle projects containing sample contracts used by client DApps to interact with Chainlink, based on both Solidity v0.4 and v0.5 can be found at this repository:

Full Sample Application

To see an example of weaving the Chainlink client smart contract into a user experience, visit the sample app below: