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Billing Providers

All Subscription plans, with the exception of the free Starter tier, require billing information to charge applicable runtime usage, membership, storage and support fees. Kaleido offers multiple billing options:

  • Credit Card
  • AWS Marketplace billing
  • Invoice

Credit Card and AWS Marketplace Billing offer monthly payments and are self-service. Reach out to to arrange for an annual agreement billed by Invoice.

Linking to a cloud provider subscription leverages existing cloud billing configuration and offers tracking of Kaleido resource and runtime consumption alongside other costs in your AWS or Azure subscription. Cloud provider linked features, such as PrivateLink, KMS, Log Streaming, and Backups are available for all payment options.

Credit Card

Use the org switcher dropdown in the upper right-hand portion of the screen to open the Manage page.

Account Page

Open the "Subscription & Billing" tab and click "Payment Method"

Payment Method

Click "Setup Billing Provider"

Setup Billing Provider

Select Payment Method, either monthly or annually

Select Payment Method

Enter details and click "Next"

Card Details

Select your desired Plan

Select a Plan

AWS Marketplace

Log in to AWS and search "Kaleido" in the Marketplace.

Continue to Subscribe

Click "Subscribe"

Continue to Subscribe

Navigate back to the Kaleido Console via "Set Up Your Account"



Please contact to arrange invoiced billing. Payments can be made via credit card, international wire or ACH.