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Digital Assets Introduction

Digital Assets

Enterprise Tokens are the representation of real world or digital assets on the blockchain. Capable of being modeled as fungible or non-fungible, tokens provide a vehicle for secure digital transactions without reliance on intermediaries and third party trust institutions. By leveraging tokens, enterprises can create a trustworthy framework for asset tracking, settlement and custody, and streamline the activities around asset trading transactions.

Learn more about why you might use tokens in your solution in Digitized Assets (Tokens)

Kaleido provides the ability to:

  • Create token contracts for both fungible and non-fungible tokens based on high quality standard libraries
  • Manage token lifecycles such as minting and burning
  • Transfer tokens and check balances
  • Perform Atomic Swaps between different token contracts
  • Trasnfer tokens with privacy preserving Zero Knowledge Proofs

Create Tokens