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Health Dashboard

Kaleido environments provide a convenient dashboard to view information about health of the chain and the individual nodes.

Kaleido Health Dashboard

Click on the "Metrics" tab at the top of the environment page to navigate to the Health Dashboard.

The dashboard contains 2 sections:

Chain Summary

Provides information about the blockchain in the past 24 hours. It provides information on the current block height, contains two panels:

  • Blocks - provides the transaction count in each of the previous 20 blocks
  • Transactions - provides the transactions count over time (public or private transactions)

Nodes Summary

Provides information about the following metrics for one or more nodes (use the selector at the top right corner to pick the nodes):

  • CPU Utilization - Average CPU utilization (%) over time
  • Memory Utilization - Memory Utilization (MB) over time
  • Peer Count - This represents the number of other nodes in the chain that a node is directly connected to.
  • Disk Utilization - Total disk usage from data generated by the node (blockchain data and logs)

A healthy environment shows an increasing block height over time (except if the consensus protocol is RAFT, in which case blocks are only produced on demand - when transactions are mined) and nodes that have peer connections to all other nodes in the chain.