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MythX offers a suite of analysis techniques that automatically detects security vulnerabilities in Ethereum smart contracts, giving developers confidence that their smart contracts are secure. Built by a team of security experts, MythX is integrated with an ecosystem of world-class partners, and ultimately, it brings value throughout all phases of the smart contract development lifecycle.

MythX is a security analysis tool and API that performs static analysis, dynamic analysis, symbolic execution and fuzzing on Ethereum smart contracts. MythX checks for and reports on the common security vulnerabilities in open industry standard SWC Registry

Use as part of your development lifecycle

MythX provides a MythX for Truffle plugin that allows you to plug MythX analysis into your Truffle based software development lifecycle. Plugins are also available within commonly used IDEs such as ReMix, Embark and Visual Studio.

Kaleido Smart Contract Management Integration

Kaleido Smart Contract Management allows your business network to know exactly what version of a Smart Contract is deployed to a chain - down to the exact commit hash in Github.

This also means all participants can refer to the same MythX analysis report, when reviewing whether a particular Compiled Smart Contract version should be promoted to an environment. Coming soon, Kaleido users will be able to verify the security of their smart contracts directly from within the Kaleido console or via an administrative API.

One-click integration coming soon

MythX Security Verification of a Kaleido Compiled Smart Contract

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