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To view information about this service and determine if it fits your use-case, please read the description here.

Add the Service to your Environment

  • Navigate to your environment dashboard
  • Click the + Add button in the top right, and select Add Services from the drop-down menu
  • Find Chainlink in the list of services, and click the Add button in that tile

How to use the Service

In the environment dashboard you should be able to see your newly created Chainlink instance in the Member Services table.

  • Click on the service name
  • Click on the Open Chainlink Web UI button
  • Copy and paste the username and password from the Kaleido Chainlink service dashboard into the external Chainlink node UI, then click the Access Account button
  • Click on the Create Job button and paste into the text box a JSON Chainlink job that pulls data from external APIs
  • View the Kaleido Block Explorer to verify that data being pulled is captured in on-chain transactions