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Token Factory

Enterprise Tokens are the representation of real world or digital assets on the blockchain. Capable of being modeled as fungible or non-fungible, tokens provide a vehicle for secure digital transactions without reliance on intermediaries and third party trust institutions. By leveraging tokens, enterprises can create a trustworthy framework for asset tracking, settlement and custody, and streamline the activities around asset trading transactions.

Learn more about why you might use tokens in your solution in Digitized Assets (Tokens)

Token Creation

Build your own token smart contract using the Kaleido Token Factory and understand the fundamental essentials underpinning token specifications, as well as the key differences between token models.

Looking for more advanced token types and customization? You can also deploy tokens conforming to the ERC standards directly using the fantastic code building blocks in OpenZepplin. Then deploy and/or interact with them via the REST API Gateway. As long they extend the base ERC20 and ERC721 standard interfaces, you can continue to use the other Token facilies in Kaleido, such as Token Explorer and Token Swaps.

After provisioning it from the services catalog or the marketplace, open the service dashboard.

The Signing Account drop down provides the Ethereum accounts available to the current user for signing transactions. Because many actions you perform in the Token Factory service require sending transactions to the blockchain in the environment, it’s critical to use the proper account of your choice and make sure it’s selected here.